Sanjeev Kumar is a Director of Engineering at Uber responsible for building and scaling a world-class technology infrastructure to rapidly grow its operations on a global scale. His charter includes building an engineering team to support its rapid growth and providing core infrastructure platform to quickly productize new ideas to make the Uber experience both compelling and unique.

Previously, as a Director of Engineering at Facebook, Sanjeev was  responsible for leading some of its key infrastructure, starting from its early days. These included: infrastructure for messaging and videos product; a set of core systems used to build all the custom services at Facebook; exabyte-scale storage systems (for photos and videos, for cold storage, and for data warehouse); software architecture to enable Facebook to serve users from a set of distributed datacenters; and power and energy management in data centers. He also built a team that fostered collaborations and exchange of ideas between Facebook and the academic research community.

Prior to Facebook, Sanjeev was a Senior Staff Researcher at Intel, where he investigated software, hardware, and applications for many-core processor architectures.

Sanjeev holds a Ph.D. From Princeton University, an M.S. from Indiana University, and a B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (all in Computer Science).