Invited Keynotes, Panels, Talks

  • Computing Research Association roundtable discussion between Industry and Academic representatives on the topic: “Computer Science research ecosystem“, 2015
  • SIGMOD Conference panel on the topic: “Career in Industry for PhDs“, 2015
  • IEEE PCS Conference panel on the topic: “Large Scale Image and Video Repositories“, 2013
  • Invited speaker at IEEE IISWC Conference. Title: “Analyzing the Facebook Workload“, 2012
  • Keynote speaker at ACM HPCA Conference . Title: “Social Networking at Scale“, 2012 [ pdf ]
  • Invited speaker at USENIX LISA Conference. Title: “Reliability at Massive Scale: Lessons Learned at Facebook“, 2010
  • ACM PPoPP Conference panel on the topic: “Where Will All the Threads Come From?”, 2008
  • National Science Foundation Panel, 2005

University Campus Talks

I have given dozens of technical talks on university campuses including CMU, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, UCSD, Georgia Tech, Columbia, and Ohio State.